A Tribute to
Joe Pass

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Billerbecker Anzeiger July 2004
Bubblebath and Thunderstorm
Autschbach Trio celebrates a very impressive Joe Pass Tribute
-ah- Billerbeck. During their concert, which was held as a tribute to the great Jazz-guitarist Joe Pass (Joseph Anthony Passalaqua), Peter Autschbach and his band-members Marco Bussi (drums) and Sebastian Räther (upright bass) showed a lot of feeling and temperament in the "Cox Orange". Right after the first chords Autschbach had the audience on his side and he communicated with everybody by twinkling over the rim of his yellow glasses. Autschbach, who knew Joe Pass well and who still is in contact with his widow, told that Joe Pass once played "Beautiful Love" for his wife. In the "Cox Orange" he didn't play the tune in four-four, like usual, he changed the rhythm to a slow Jazz-Waltz. The result was a wonderful sensitive and soft love-song. One could lean back and listen to the music, which touched the senses like the foam in a hot bubble-bath. This gave power to be able to really dig the electrifying compositions, which followed in the program. Pieces of incredible energy. Music, that was like the athmoshphere just before the thunderstorm. Every instrument was well-featured. Not just a soundscape, but a very dynamic musical dialogue. The charme of the upright bass was very present, one could think that Räther was dancing with his instrument. He played very dynamically and sensitive. Bussi's final drum-solo went through the club like a flashlight. Very impressive.

Pass it on

The Tour , the new CD "Pass it on" and this Homepage is dedicated to one of the greatest Jazz-Musicians ever. Joe Pass (Joseph Anthony Passalaqua, 1929-1994) was known as one of the leading jazz-guitar-players worldwide. He had a strong influence on modern guitar playing, he became famous especially because of his distinctive chord soloing.
End of the 80's Peter Autschbach sent a tape with some recordings of his playing to Joe Pass and asked for lessons. The master commended him ("I think you don't need lessons") and invited Peter to Hamburg, where he was living at that time. Since Peter had a lot of questions during the following meetings, all of them were competently answered by Joe himself.

On May 23, 2004 it will be ten years that Joe left the planet. Time for doing some tribute to the master: Peter Autschbach is planning a Tour for the Year 2004 as a Trio. He will play his old Gibson-Archtop-Jazzguitar and play "down-to earth-Mainstream-Jazz". Not to try to bring the music of Joe Pass back to the stage (nobody can do that) but to play music which is reminiscent of Joe as the greatest Jazz-Guitarist ever, and which would be appreciated by him.
Attention, here you'll find a short Sound-Sample of Peter Autschbach with his Joe-Pass-Tribute-Trio

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