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Pass it on

The new CD "Autschbach Trio - Pass it on" is ready to be ordered here! The program is long, about 70 minutes. All 14 Tracks were recorded in one day. Marco Bussi plays the drums, Sebastian Räther the double bass and Peter his old Gibson L5. Peter sings on two tracks. We are very happy with the result of the recordings. The music is Straight-Ahead-Jazz, in the style of the old masters like Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and Barney Kessel. We kept the style but improvised all the solos. Straight ahead and easy going. Listen to a short Sound-Sample of the new trio CD ("Vamos Amigos", (Peter Autschbach), guitar-solo, size: approx. 350 KB, MP3-File)

Listen to Joe Pass & Peter Autschbach playing the blues!

MP3, mono, recorded in Spring 1988 during the first meeting of Peter and Joe in Hamburg. The sound-quality is not the best, but one can live with that. You can hear that the two players had some fun. Joe plays the first solo and he does the foot-tapping. Peter does the second solo, before Joe takes over again for the last chorus. The mike was close to Joe, and that allows that you can also listen to Joe's strong comping. The guitars were played in the living room without amplifier. Blues in F, Download