On January 13th, 2004 Joe Pass would have celebrated his 75th birthday.
On May 23, 2004 it will be ten years that Joe left the planet. Time for doing some tribute to the master: Starting February 2004, Peter Autschbach will be doing a Tour called "A tribute to Joe Pass" as a Trio. He will play his old Gibson-Archtop-Jazzguitar and play "down-to earth-Mainstream-Jazz". Not to simply copy Joe Pass, but to play music which is reminiscent of Joe as the greatest Jazz-Guitarist ever, and which would be appreciated by him. Two very hot mainstream-Jazz-musicians join the project. Upright bass-player Sebastian Räther from Essen, Germany, who is a specialist in guitar-trio-situations, and the exceptional young talent Marco Bussi from Montevideo, Uruguay. The repertoire of the trio consists of well-known Jazz- and Latin-Standards which were often played by Joe Pass, for example "Stompin' at the Savoy", "Dindi", "Night and Day", some Pass-compositions ("A foxy chick and a cool cat") and three electifying Swing-and Bossa-compositions by Peter Autschbach. During the concerts, which last approx. two hours, Peter Autschbach will also present himself as a Jazz-singer.
Click "music" for a short SOUND-Sample of Peter Autschbach with his Joe-Pass-Tribute-Trio.

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Peter Autschbach
Sebastian Räther
Marco Bussi